Two little girls and one little boy playing near the mouth of the Mabini River in Sabangan Sur, Agno













Humble Sabangan Sur Villagers enjoying a noontime break





















A smiling small-scale Sabangan Sur Fisherman mending his fishing net next to his simple dwelling place in Agno














A pretty Metro Manila Coed at the mouth of the Mabini River, Sabangan Sur, Agno







Umbrella rocks are in Sabangan Norte in the right background, Agno









Smiling and gentle Sabangan Sur Villagers in their unpretentious dwellings, Agno















Good-looking young men of Sabangan Sur posing with a good-looking metro Manila visitor, Agno











Sabangan Sur youngsters going on a banca ride upriver to Agno Poblacion




















Joyriding on a banca with outriggers headed upstream for Agno Poblacion
Thanks to Dr. Leslie E. Bauzon for providing these beautiful pictures of Agno
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